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The  Zildjian K Series Cymbals

The K Zildjian Series cast bronze cymbals are the original K Zildjians and are preferred by many genres of drummers including rock, country and blues but they are particularly popular with Jazz drummers. The unique hammering technique makes provides them dark, dry, warm and expressive tones with high and low frequencies that can be mellow or intense as well as excellent projection and clarity.  It tall depends on how you play them.  Available in crash, hi-hat, ride and more.  Available in traditional and brilliant finishes.  Please contacts us for a price quote or to place an order.  

Some of our Favorite K Zildjian Cymbals

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14" K HiHat

A bit lower in pitch and cast thinner than traditional K HiHats, the Zildjian K Light HiHats have a broader span of tonal colors.  A variety of sizes are offered including 14" (pictured) as well as 13",

19" k zildjian sereis china cymbal
19" China

The K Zildjian series 19" China offers rich dark exotic yet mellow sounds for special effects. 
zildjian k sereis crash ride 20"
20" Zildjian K Crash Ride
The 20" K Zildjian crash ride offers great ride definition and dry crash
zildjian k 10" splash
Zildjian K Series 10" Dark Crash
A full bodied dark crash that offers super quick and short crash
14" k/z special hihats
14" K/Z Hihat
14" special K/Z Hihat.  Features an extra heavy hihat top marred to a Z Dyno bottom for a sharp brightly defined chink. 

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