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The  Zildjian K Constantinople Series

The Zildhian K Constantinople Line is the ultimate in cast cymbals and preferred by professionals world wide.  If you're looking for a hi-hat, crash or ride Zildjian makes a Constantinople that's right for you.   Zildjian Constantinople cymbals are the result of a design project led by Armand Zildjian himself. These remarkable cymbals have were created by employing the time-honored secret Turkish techniques dating back to the 15th century.  Modern hammering techniques, skilled lathing, specific weights, and aging, meld together to creat one incredible cymbal.

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The k Constantinople zildjian crash cymbal
16" Constantinople Crash

The 16" K Constantinople crash offers a dark, warm and lush sound creating a classic "k" sound and vintage feel.  Decay is similar to popular L Ride cymbals with a full bodied response and vintage feel..

14" Constantinople Hihat

The 14" K Constantinople features a soft, delicate and subtle without being mushy. Unique, ultra warm and dark sound, ideal for acoustic jazz and studio work. Though "chick" sound is very dry and warm, it is full-bodied with plenty of "presence."
20" k constantinople medium thin ride
20" K Constantinople med. thin ride

The 20" K Constantinople medium thin ride high provides plenty of give, texture and "crashability." Combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation at a slightly higher pitch.

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