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Experience the classic sound of the Zildjian a series cymbals.  Drummers prefer the A Series.


Drummers can buy zildjian crash, ride, hihat and custom efx a series.

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The   A Zildjian Series Cymbals
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The A Zildjian Series Cymbal was named after Armand Zildjian and offers a the Classic Zildjian Voice that Started it all. These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history – tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. New shaping techniques create a slightly lower profile and help to offer a special warm and smooth blend of overtones.  A Zildjians are the world’s most popular and versatile cymbals, and for good reason. Splashes, Crashes, Rides, HiHats or Effects, they all explode with a spectrum of tonal colors and excel in any musical setting. They’re extremely sensitive to your particular touch and style, yet capable of producing as much volume as your music demands.  Available in traditional and brilliant finishes.

Here are some of our Favorite A Zildjian Series Cymbals

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14" A Armand Hihats

Fast response and articulate HiHat sound with warm "chick" sound, versatile for almost any type of music

16" Armand Medium Thin Crash
The 16" Armand A Series Zildjian Crash contains a robust body of overtones while cutting easily through with a bright and fast response.

A Zildjian Series 21" A Armand Ride
The Zildjian A Armand Series Ride that offers a sweet shimmering quality of overtones without loss of control or Ride articulation, with a larger sized cup for excellent bell access

A Zildjian Series medium Thin Crash
The 20" medium thin crash is bright and stronger than the thin crash.  Great for power rock, latin, country, fusion, jazz, and more.

The Zildjian A Armand 4 pack
The Armand 4 Pack Matched Set provides an all purpose set-up for any player. The 4 Pack includes: 14" Armand HiHats, 16" Armand Medium Thin Crash and a 20" Armand Ride. Oh yea, and you also get a FREE Limited Edition Armand Cymbal Bag to keep them all in!

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