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The  Zildjian FX Series Cymbals

The Zildjian FX Series - Your Playing is Your Voice – Accent it! You can never have too many sounds when your creativity demands them. The Zildjian Sound Lab continues the tradition of working with the world’s most inventive and experimental drummers and percussionists – like Alex Acuna, Dennis Chambers and Zach Danziger – to create uniquely designed, innovative sound effects. These exotic sound colors help you define your signature sound and add character and variety to your kit. Find the Oriental China Trash, El Sondio Crash Ride, SPiral Trash, Trash Splash or speical accents you have been lookin for.

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zildjian china trash cymbal
Zildjian FX Series Oriental Crash

The Zildjian Oriental Chine Trash cymbal - Authentic "trashy" Chinese sounding cymbals that are very fast and explosive with a rapid decay. This odd size is in addition to the 12" through 20" that we currently offer. The cymbals feature proprietary hammering and come in a brilliant finish. 

FX Series Multi Crash Ride
Zildjian El Sonido Multi Crash Ride - Developed with Percussionist Marc Quinones of the Allman Brothers Band, the 17" El Sonido Multi Crash Ride provides a versatility of sound for use in any Salsa, Jazz, Latin, or Rock setting.

zildjian crash of doom
FX Crash of Doom

Zildjian Oriental Crash of Doom - A truly "one of a kind" monster Crash. Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched. Features an immediate, explosive attack and a tremendous, broad, full-bodied sustain. An exceptionally exotic sound for special accents and effects.  
zildjian zil bel accent special effects cymbal
Zildjian FX Series Bel
Zildjian Zil Bel - Bright, singing musical tone. Ideal for special accents and effects. 


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