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The  Zildjian Z3 Series Cymbals

The Zildjian Z3 Sereis - Power. Projection. Playability.  Rock your world!   Now introducing the new Zildjian Z3 line with the ultimate mix of Power, Projection and Playability for your Rock. Ground shaking Rock cymbals are nothing new to Zildjian. In 1985, they led the way with the legendary Z line. By 1993, Z Custom was found on the kits of Rock drummers around the world.  Now comes the third phase of the Z legacy with the most musical Rock cymbals ever crafted, the Z3. Over 25 hot new models destined to rock your world.  The Z3 Cast Bronze symbals are available in a brilliant finish.

Here are Some of our Favorite Z3 Zildjian Cymbals
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zildjian z3 rock ride cymbal for sale
The Z3 Rock Ride

The Zildjian Rock Ride - This Ride possesses a tighter ride sound to help articulate your ride patterns even more. A larger bell design has been incorporated that will throw the ride's sonic energy out into the audience even further to reach the fans in the nose-bleeds. The larger sized 22" Rock Ride will pummel through the back wall of the venue

zildjian z3 medium frash cymbal
The Zildjain Z3 Medium Crash
The Zildjian Z3 medium Crash - With their precise and instantaneous crash response, the 20" Medium Crash lets you really lay into it to get that loud crash you've always dreamed of.  Bigger is better (and louder).

The Zildjian Z3 Hi-Hat
The Zildjian Z3 Hihats - Warmth. Aggression. Clarity.   The Z3 Hihat is a classic rock pairing of hihats with more volume potential and faster response time than any rock hats ever before, the new 15" hats will easily fit into any hard rocker's cymbal setup. 
zildjian z3 12" splash cymbal for drummers
The Zildjian Z3 Series Splash
The Zildjian Z3 Sereis Splash - Big size, big sound. The oversized bell combined with the more-pronounced tonal grooves allows the 12" Z3 Splash to project right to the screaming fans in the crowd. A powerful addition to your arsenal.

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